L'actualité sur PC - [Info] SupCom 2 : patch à Fix version 1.21

[Info] SupCom 2 : patch à Fix version 1.21

le 20 septembre 2010 à 10h42, par

Le jeu de Gas Powered Games se voit ajouter le patch 1.21 à sa liste. Disponible via Steam, ce correctif corrige de nombreux problèmes dont le détail est listé ci-dessous :

Patch 1.21 :

* Build mode can now be accessed while holding shift

* Added Safe and SafeMode command line options as a better alternative to resetting monitor resolution — Using one of these options will start the game at 1024×768@60hz in fullscreen and allow the player to change his options to something else after the game loads

* Added build mode hotkey for Cybran Mass Convertor. Removed Ctrl-M key mapping for old Cybran mass convert ability, which no longer exists and was causing a crash

* By popular request, reset Season 2 ELO ratings

* Quitting a game will stop the replay from recording immediately


* Fix for targeting units under the influence of world forces (ie Magnetron)

* Fix for units becoming unrepairable

* Partial fix for selected groups of units not all Teleporting or Jump Jetting when given the order

* Fix for Space Temple cooldown being activated even if the beacon was not placed

* Better handling for units getting stuck in a position when they try to reclaim something directly underneath them

* Fix for ACU/engineers going on a walkabout when trying to build something that overlaps with their current position

* Fix for some factories and engineers getting XP for killing things when they should not

* Fix for units colliding with terrain when boarding a carrier

* Fix for not adjusting a units health when it recieves a MaxHealth buff on non-DLC side

* You can no longer use the Magnet Pull, Magnet Push, or Pullinsmash ability while No Rush is active


* Fixed up AI platoon templates

* Fix for AI platoon sizes

* Fix for AI platoons “dancing around”

* The AI influence map decay rate for mobile units has been lowered

* Fix for AI building too many Mass Fabricators

* Adjusted how much mass a Mass Convertor adds to the AI’s Resource Manager

* AI will only build 1 ProtoBrain

* AI will attack ACUs more in Assassination mode

Known Issues/Under Investigation:

* Pre-1.21 Replays will not function with 1.21

* Teleporting/Jumpjetting group fix only partially implemented

* Memory Management and allocation optimizations

* Desynch related to VTOL aircraft

Comme on dit, avec Patch à Fix, ça Fix et ça re-Fix.

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